Casey's musical journey began long before his time with professional musicians spanning three generations in the family.  As a child, while most of his friends were listening to AC/DC and

Metallica, Casey was drawn towards the groove of Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, the lyrics and melodies of James Taylor and Otis Redding, and the energy of James Brown and Maceo Parker.

After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a music degree, Casey the small town life and moved to the Twin Cities where he spent the next 6 years playing in Minneapolis's premier Soul/R&B band, Power of 10. In 2011 Casey moved south to Springfield, Missouri, to pursue love and happiness.

He is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, and a lover of all things funky. Casey is an extremely busy musician in the Springfield area. He’s the saxophone and keyboard player in Papa Green Shoes, a 4-piece, high energy funk/blues band; he’s the co-founder and lead vocalist in My Buddy & Me, an acoustic duo unlike any other; and also plays solo gigs that feature live looping and his ability to play 5 different instruments.

Audiences are captivated as he plays saxophone, keyboard, guitar, harmonica, cajon, and sings, oftentimes all on the same song. His musical versatility ensures a one-of-a-kind performance every time.


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Casey's one-man show is an experience unlike anything else you've seen from a solo artist.  He plays keyboard, guitar, saxophone, harmonica, cajon, and sings all while looping everything together to create a sound that is distinctly his own.  His solo shows combine the intimacy of a guitar singer/songwriter, the charisma of a piano crooner, the freshness of a pop artist, and the soulfulness of an old school funk band.  He takes the meaning of "One-Man Band" to a whole new level

Papa Green Shoes

Papa Green Shoes is an award winning high-energy 4-piece band rooted in modern blues with touches of soul, funk, and rock.  Based out of Springfield, Missouri, the Cottengim Brothers, Jody (drums) and Stoney Lee (guitar) have been a staple in the Ozarks' music scene for decades.  With the addition of Casey Kavanagh on sax and keys, and Dean Dazey on bass, PGS has solidified itself as one of the funkiest, soul-filling blues bands you'll ever hear.

My Buddy & Me

My Buddy & Me is an acoustic duo featuring Casey Kavanagh and Jared Morales. With their clever use of live looping and multiple instruments, they're able to perform songs that many acoustic groups just can't do.  They have a fun and energetic vibe and love interacting with the crowd and taking requests.  Their unique spin on your favorite songs can only be described as Acoustic Awesomeness



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